Flame retardant plastic sheet

                                    GB0700 retardant, damp and cold and heat sheet series, waterproof membrane series
                                    Specification: 1 ~ 80mmX500 ~ 2000mm
                                    Features: rotary curing machine curing, uniform thickness, edge thin beneficial spell knot, fire retardant plastic sheet test trial by Far East qualified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) "International Test Application rules refractory"
                                    Packaging: kraft paper, woven bags, film bags
                                    GB0701 retardant plastic sheet
                                    Parameters: the proportion of 1.6-1.8; Tearing: 3.5Mpa; Elongation: 250%; Hardness: 75 ° ± 5 °; oxygen index ≥ 28
                                    Uses: Anti-combustion, oxygen index is high, the risk for a variety of fire places and refrigerators, air conditioners host